5th Grade Lesson Plans

Day 1

Introductory Lesson

Day 2

Social Studies- Causes of Civil War/ Differences Between North and South

Language Arts- Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

Day 3

Social Studies- Slavery

Language Arts- Diary Intro

Music- Slave Songs

Day 4

Social Studies- Slavery- Underground Rail Road

Math- Current Prices Workshop

Day 5

Language Arts- Diary Workday

Science- Research Soil

Day 6

Social studies- Divided Nation- Intro to Civil War

Language Arts- Novel Discussion

Day 7

Social Studies -Civil War- Events


Day 8

Social Studies- Civil War Battles

Music- War Songs

Day 9

Social Studies- Geography, Mapping the Wars

Day 10

Social Studies- Civil War Ends

Language Arts- Novel Discussion

Day 11

Math/Art – Timeline

Bible- How Christians Should React

Day 12

Art- Design a Play and Act it Out

Day 13

Math- Word Problems

Science- Research Invention

Day 14

Science- Research Inventions

Day 15

Closing Lesson


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